Hiring a private driver

A private driver drives the client's car and is available within the agreed upon time period and itinerary. 


Hiring a private driver is especially convenient for long journeys around the Czech Republic or Europe but also for demanding days in the city. 

All our drivers are binded by NDAs.

Premium taxi

You can book a car for a specific route, time frame or have us pick you up at the airport.

We drive black, unmarked Mercedes-Benz, class E, Avantgarde trim level.

We can also provide a multi-seater for up to 7 people.

 And much more

Apart from hiring a private friver and a limo service, we also offer additional services from the concierge category. 

We can handle your business travel demands as well as deal with your private needs

Contact us for detailed information and a quote.

Our values

Our services are built upon two values - a first-class ride experience and flexibility

First-class ride experience

We understand that it is not easy to let another person drive your car and also that sharing a long journey with one is a very personal matter. We know that even a simple airport drop-off can be ruined by a number of things - an overly chatty driver, a driving style too aggressive or too slow, smell, radio, temperature and even the driver's appearance. The whole experience with our drivers is therefore meticulously designed for you and it is the cornerstone of our service. 

Apart from things you consider a given, we offer a range of additional services to take your personal experience to the next level. For example, we can give you special noise-cancelling headphones for maximum comfort.


We are very aware of the fact that our clientele is but the most demanding and sophisticated group of customers. That is why we make a point of being exceptionally flexible and we will accommodate your needs even during the most hectic of itineraries.